Learn More About the Current State of Vision Care in Canada and Our Recommendations for Modernization

White Paper

This report covers everything you need to know about the current state of employer-provided vision care benefits and how it can be modernized to better suit the needs of Canadian workers. 

We identify:

  • Gaps in the standard of care and plan offerings
  • Why these gaps exists
  • Recommended course of action to modernize vision care plans

If you’re an employer, advisor or insurance provider that provides vision care benefits, you need to download this white paper today.

Best Practices Guide

Request a Copy of Our Best Practices Guide to Improving Vision Care Benefits

In order to guide the modernization of vision care benefits, we have developed a Best Practices Guide. This comprehensive guide has been developed by the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) to support and guide insurance providers, benefit advisors and plan sponsors in modernizing vision care benefits.

We encourage you to explore this guide in conjunction with the white paper: Vision Care Benefits in Canada & the Case for Reform and take action.

What’s included

This Guide reflects best practice examination and treatment techniques, to optimally protect and improve vision and eye health within vision care and extended healthcare benefits for plan members and their dependents, broad recommendations on allowances and plan design options suitable for a range of budgets.

Specifically, this Guide discusses:
Eye Health & Vision Care Best Practices: We summarize the best available evidence and guidelines for access to routine eye health and vision care exams for various populations to optimally support vision health of plan members and their dependents. 

Coverage of Vision Care Services in Canada: Get an overview of the current vision care benefits landscape in Canada. 

Fee Ranges for Optometry Services in Canada: We provide guidance concerning the range of fees which may be appropriate for many standard optometry services throughout Canada.

Recommended Plan Designs: We present three variations of vision care plan designs which could be implemented to protect and improve eye health and vision among the Canadian workforce.

Actuarial Impact of Plan Design Modernization: This section summarizes results of actuarial analyses which estimated the cost impact of implementing the recommended plan designs outlined in the previous section. The actuarial analyses estimated the impact of each plan design on each a small, medium and large-sized Canadian employer.


Summary of vision care in Canada and recommendations for modernization.