Vision Care Facts

A recent survey found that 90% of people reported that visual disturbances are negatively impacting their work.1

Employees with vision loss are likely to be less productive, have higher absenteeism and retire earlier than other employees.2

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 74% of private vision care expenditures were incurred by Canadians out-of-pocket, versus 37% for drugs and 44% for dental.3

71% of Canadians
cite cost as a factor4 when deciding to access vision care, which may contribute to many Canadians foregoing routine and preventative care.

Vision loss cost the Canadian economy an estimated $19.1 billion per year in 2007 and this number could reach $30 billion a year by 2030.5

Canada’s ageing population have increased vision care needs. Some form of vision correction is required for 80% of those over 50 compared to 57% in the population over 20 years of age.6

The CNIB Foundation estimates productivity costs related to vision loss costs the economy
$4.4 billion annually.7

In 2016, nearly
1 million Canadians
missed work or school because of vision problems.8


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