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There is an urgent need to modernize vision care benefits plans to improve the eye health of Canadians.

Vision care benefits in Canada are outdated and significantly underfunded by plan sponsors compared to other privately insured extended health care benefits. This means that the out-of-pocket burden for Canadians to access vision care is substantially higher than other health professional services.

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The costs associated with vision loss are among the highest direct healthcare cost of any disease category in Canada.

Vision loss cost the Canadian economy an estimated $15.8 billion per year in 2007, and this number could reach $30 billion a year by 2030. Yet, preserving vision and eye health is not adequately prioritized by private health plans.

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Vision benefits must change to accommodate the way we work today and mitigate their negative effects on eye health and vision care.

The workplace and workforce have changed. Vision impairment in the workplace will become more pervasive as our workforce ages and screen use makes up a greater portion of our workday.

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