Vision Care Benefits: The Case for Modern Coverage

It’s time to update group vision care plans to include modern diagnostic and imaging technologies

Learn about modern vision care
Did you know?
20% of Canadians have an eye disease that may lead to blindness. Many are in today’s workforce. 

Current Situation

Despite improvements to vision care diagnostics and imaging, coverage of these new advancements remains limited. Vision care coverage today is the same as it was in the 70’s, which leads to problems such as late diagnosis, higher treatment costs, lower employee productive, and many more.

How eye disease affects working-age Canadians

What you’ll learn from the handbook

The CAO has developed the handbook to guide sponsors, advisors, and insurers about important modern diagnostic and imaging technologies that are not included in vision care benefits.

You'll learn about:

  • Innovative diagnostic and imaging technologies that have improved optometrists’ ability to detect eye disease early
  • Benefits of early detection and screening for several serious eye diseases that are chronic and can lead to vision loss
  • Components of a comprehensive eye examination and when modern diagnostics and imaging are necessary 
  • The impact of several serious eye diseases on vision and quality of life, diseases that can affect individuals of working-age
  • A summary of provincial vision care coverage
  • How to close the gaps in vision care benefits
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Don’t Lose Sight Handbook

More on our Handbook

View our series of brief videos which provide an overview of the Handbook, and the topics covered, including vision loss, eye exams and modern testing, eye disease, and closing the gaps in vision care.

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